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Yunnan Anry Chinese MedTech Co., Ltd. is an technology innovation company that integrates Chinese acupuncture treatment, health care, sales, and development of medical softwares together. ?We focuses on the development of Smart Medicine by combing AIand non-invasive electronic acupuncture, to treat and manage chronic diseases such as insomnia, as an online service.

Our business consists of two segments: Yunnan Anry Chinese MedTech Co., Ltd. and its affiliated Chinese Medicine Clinic. Independently developed by Anry Chinese MedTech, the first generation of Smart Acupuncturehas been introduced to the market. At Anry Chinese Medicine Clinic, we have renowned doctors to provide treatment for patients with insomnia, neck and shoulder pain.

Oringinated from the single-channel needle-free acupuncture device invented by Dr. Chen Tiwei, Anry Haomeng is the result of 3 years of innovation and development, which is now a 3-channel SmartAcupuncture.

Anry Haomengis a fusion of Chinese and Western healthcare philosophy. Based on Chinese Acupuncture and CES(Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) theories, it delivers comparable results to traditional acupuncture, without piercing skin. The device, controlled by mobile App, is a part of our cloud based Product-Platform-Service ecosystem. It is a new way of healthcare, free from needle, wound, infection and side-effects.

May you enjoy a healthy sleep anytime, anywhere!