Thanksgiving, Healthy Love and Win the Future Together

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Thanksgiving, Healthy Love and Win the Future Together

? ? ? On Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019, Anrui Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held the New Year Exchange on the theme of “For Health For Happiness For Love” at 68 Yunda West Road, Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone. It built a platform for health lectures, health free clinics, medical treatment, education, financial management, tourism and other communication and exchanges for partners and friends of all walks of life. Win the future!
The World Health Organization (WHO) considers that social and economic factors account for 40%, environmental factors account for 10%, medical conditions 20%, personal life 30%, and medical and personal life style are controllable factors accounting for 50%. In this 50% of the total, personal lifestyle accounted for 30%, that is to say, they are the masters of their own health. In order to thank customers, partners and friends, the company invited famous medical experts from Yunnan Province to give health lectures and health consultation.
During the popular sleep science season in November and December 2018, Dr. Lu, MD of Peking University and Director of Sleep Medicine Center of Yunnan First People’s Hospital, explained how to get good sleep from healthy sleep work, sleep physiology and sleep hygiene. It also explains that snoring is not a sign of sleeping soundly, but a sign of serious illness and how to prevent and treat it. Director Lu’s easy-to-understand, witty and humorous lecture style has been unanimously praised and recognized by everyone. At the request of our customers and friends, we invited Dr. Lu of the Sleep Medical Center of Yunnan First People’s Hospital to read “What Is Abnormal Sleep?”
Abnormal sleep refers to mental or behavioral abnormalities during sleep, such as sleeping sickness, sleep convulsion, and people are often confused with epilepsy and mental illness. On the day of the lecture, Director Lu corrected the misunderstandings that have existed for a long time. He explained that abnormal sleep actually covers a variety of different sleep disorders, a large part of which can be thoroughly diagnosed and treated. Director Lu suggested that all the friends present could record these abnormal behaviors by video and seek professional treatment. And remind you to pay attention to sleep, care about good family and friends, sleep well, have a good dream!
In addition, the company also joined hands with medical experts such as the First People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province (Kunhua Hospital), the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University (Yunda Hospital), Yunnan Oncology Hospital and Yunnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to bring health assessment, health assessment and health care of internal medicine, surgery, respiratory medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, mammary, gynecology, ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopaedics and sleep. Lectures and health consultation sent health condolences to customers, partners and friends. The free consultation activities totaled more than 300 people. Because of health, we are happy, we are happy; because of love, our world is better!
Happy Spring, Food and Entertainment, Hi, the sky is turning up! __________ On the day of the event, we invited medical, education, financial management, tourism and other professional institutions to build consultation platforms for children’s education, education abroad, tourism, financial management, health and health care, so that we can communicate, communicate and interact with each other heartily. On the spot, we prepared a variety of activities to welcome the New Year, such as: Yunnan characteristic snack street, riddles guessing, family portrait, children’s castle, excavator simulation test drive, fun shooting and other activities. Everyone is delicious! Interesting! Pleasant to hear! Good-looking! Hi! Happy!… Joy can’t stop at all.

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