Classmate friendship is the most true, happy gathering in Anry

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Classmate friendship is the most true, happy gathering in Anry

Classmates’ affection

We have a division together, and we sing a school song together. Although we were born in different places, we all have a common second hometown, Harbin. Although we have different ages and occupations, but we all have a common Alma mater, that is, Harbin Business University.

The passage of time, we can not erase the feeling of boxing to our alma mater; the distance of space, can not block our deep attachment to our alumni. We can’t forget the desire to learn when we step into the school gate; we can’t forget the dream of seeking when we graduate and leave school.

With great love for his alma mater and great concern for his alumni, the alumni of the Yunnan Alumni Association of Harbin Commercial University gathered in Anrui Company of Yunnan Province on January 20, 2019 for the first board meeting in 2019. On that day, it coincided with the “For Health For Happiness For Love” event held by Yunnan Anrui Company. Everyone gathered here to congratulate on the Spring Festival.

At the beginning of the meeting, Wang Zhengan, president of Yunnan Alumni Association of Harbin Commercial University, said that this gathering summarizes the past and looks forward to the present, hoping that the directors will actively make suggestions and make full preparations for the large-scale gathering in March next year. The alumni also summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the work of Yunnan Alumni Association in the past year, and arranged the work of Yunnan Alumni Association in 2019. It is agreed that in 2019, the Yunnan Alumni Association will continue to strengthen the contacts between alumni and alumni before their alma mater, and organize some creative activities together to enhance the feelings of alumni. Then I listened to nostalgic songs, enjoyed the photos, recalled the good times in the University and the present situation of everyone, and talked with pleasure.

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After the meeting, alumni participated in the spring festival activities of Yunnan Anrui Company, health consultation, tasting Yunnan snacks, visiting sleep science base, vegetable garden, guessing lantern riddles and so on. Alumni praised the activities and company culture, saying that Anrui Company was a model for everyone to learn.

The party atmosphere reached its climax at the dinner party. Brother Niu Yuhua, a 86-year mechanical major, performed guitar singing for everyone. A “toast song” boiled the blood of everyone singing. The scenes were like returning to college in an instant. At that time, besides studying, we spent a good time with the villagers.

The end of the dance did not fade the enthusiasm of the Kazakh businessmen and fellow townsmen to meet their fellow townsmen. On the stage, we sang the most popular songs of the year around Mr. Niu while playing the guitar, you at the same table, a fire in winter, about winter and so on. Every classic pop song was sung by youth, memories and feelings.

Time always walks relentlessly, the party is at the end, and people are reluctant to leave one after another.

They all say that the friendship in youth is the most precious, because: the friendship among students is the most true, the friendship among students is the purest and the friendship among students is the strongest. On the alumni of Kazakhstan and Shang Yunnan, the friendship of their classmates is vivid and vivid. Long live the friendship! ________ As long as the heaven and earth endure! Looking forward to seeing you again!

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